Comments from dancing grandma

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2008-12-04 01:21:31 Did he get caught? This is an erotic story and sort of kinky..
I like the mystery and build up.
Looking forward to part 2.
2009-03-31 01:41:18 Caught by Mom that was one great story. I came twice reading it.
2009-04-25 03:35:42 Did He Get Caught II Now that has to be hotter than hell.
I mean talking to your mom about beating off.
I thought she was going to help you out at the park?
So tell me? You still lusting after her?
Any more bra jerk offs?
2009-04-25 03:52:43 Carol A great story !!
Can't wait to read the next "threesum"
2009-09-24 01:03:21 A very sexy story.
Brings me back to my childhood.
The thoughts, pleasures, and amazement of youth.
Kepp writing, please