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2014-07-09 05:59:58 Island Fever Ch. 39 A lot of the major plot points were taken care of earlier in the story. Jeremy found his wife-to-be, which was his original intent, halfway through the story. Since then, he has been solidifying his relationship with Kristanna while creating and building new relationships with the other ladies. Pamela (and Camille) left 3/4 of the way through the story, so that meant the final 1/4 of the saga is basically setting up the future. He worked on a commitment from Trish and then Amy, and got them, and he has vowed to basically set Lindsay up for life for when she returns home.

But the plot is still not done. Something has been brewing in recent chapters, and it is revealed in chapter 40. As I said earlier, the chapter will be very large and plot driven. It will be a mega chapter and, as I said, take awhile to write.

I understand your criticism and where it is coming from, but I do not agree with it. Everything has a purpose. Read through the end of the story, and you'll see.
2014-07-09 03:57:47 Island Fever Ch. 39 The chapter sizes and the plot points have been consistent for quite some time. Early on the chapters were very large, but that was necessary to get certain things established.

On the other hand the next chapter will be very large and full of plot and thus, probably will not be posted for a week or so.
2014-06-29 17:01:12 Island Fever Ch. 35 Yes, there will be a sequel to this story - not near as long, but more of a follow-up that sets them on the path to the rest of their lives.
2014-08-18 12:48:49 Island Fever 2: Eternity - Chapter 08 I use underscores because it is my writing style. It is what I prefer. No other reason.
2014-05-22 05:39:47 Island Fever Ch. 21 You really need to stop reading this series, bro.