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2009-02-05 15:27:26 The Restaurant Well spotted. The paragraphs did somewhat mess up on submission from how they were intended, but the husband thing is my error. The story was originally a 'Wife and Husband' story but I changed it and seemingly missed one. Ha. Thanks for your positive comments though and pleased you enjoyed it.
2009-02-06 05:07:03 The Restaurant The lone Diner's POV would be fun. It would be nice to read that from another author and see what he was really thinking and feeling. So pleased it's voted over the 90% mark guys and gals, meet me in the restaurant later for a 'thank you' (Wink Wink).
2009-02-06 11:49:25 The Restaurant Ha! Pleased you got off on it Good Lovin, that was the intention! Yes I will write more, and Yes I do really fuck like that. Might take you a while to find my favourite restaurants but it may well be worth the wait! (ha)
2009-02-19 03:44:46 Little Red Riding Slut I was trying to have a little bit of fun with this. Most stories are so damn serious so I'm pleased that most of you who have commented enjoyed it.
Angela Carter wrote some great twisted takes on fairy tales which I encourage you all to check out (The Bloody Chamber). Mine is just a lighthearted bit of comedy.