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2010-08-27 18:08:41 Sexual Compulsion Out of Space If you happen to read comments first, don't waste your time on this one.
This is a lousy story written by an obviously educated individual.
If this is an example of this author's future product, it is my hope that my comment vigorously discourages the XNXX website from exposing to the world further offerings from this author.
2011-07-29 15:28:51 Women's Meeting Re the previous comment: You're commenting on a work of fiction. A character in a story is who the author created him to be. I doubt your comments will change the character’s nature. The story was advertised to contain elements of scat and BDSM. If you find it objectionable, why did you read it? If you want to denigrate someone, I suggest you make such comments in a sexual forum environment rather than toward a fictional character that is unable to reply.
2011-08-07 22:45:50 Response to the frst comment: I'll take that as a definite negative vote(filth in the derogatory sense) from a person who previously did not know what SCAT implies. Believe it or not, there are individuals who appreciate this type of scenario and wish they could be on the receiving end, trading places with the submissive character. They might even buy her an expensive purse or bracelet for the privilege. The next time you see 'scatology' or 'toilet service' or 'human toilet' or words to that effect, you may want to avoid it. Advance warning: Don't read 'Mistress and John'. You'll feint.
2013-03-05 00:26:46 Thanks for and appreciate the encouragement.