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2009-08-04 08:02:09 Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want Sorry, im an ass, i clicked the negative button by mistake. This is a very well-told, hot, horny tale. My cock was hard reading it (apologies for the crudity lol). You said it was your first story - if i remember correctly - a very, very good effort 10 out of 10
2009-08-12 04:20:19 Blackmail Part 2 From writer:
Over 1000 reads and only 8 votes? Dont you ONLY have to click on a button at the end of the story?
I would love ppl to comment; even negative, constructive comments, please. I am trying to get better and i need the readers help. Many thanx; happy reading.
2009-08-13 07:42:07 Perverted Deeds - Part 1 Very good story, my cock was throbbing, needing some hand attention; isnt that what good sexy writing is about: good believable characters, and hot, hot writing. Well done
2009-10-06 14:04:15 For The Love of Daddy Very well written; i was lost in it and believing in the characters. Just the right length too; too many people feel they have to write a novella and consequently the story suffers. Had a hard-on by the end. Am gonna move on to your next story. Keep it upx
2009-10-06 14:27:33 Babysitting Sis Part Two Just read Parts 1 and 2; very well written IMO. Others have questioned lack of characterisation, but something has to give in short stories; the shag-action more than compensates. Sometimes i find some sentences a little trite, but very good descriptive and had me hot. I thoroughly enjoyed it