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2008-08-21 04:27:07 Model to slut in one easy lesson Sorry that the word confused anyone. On my browser it is spelt “fianc?” with a question mark. When I posted the story the edit page showed it correctly, what am I to do if it’s not handled correctly during the posting? Anyway the word is meant to be fiance, with the e accented.
I also apologise for any other errors you may find in the story, English is not my first (or my second) language. I still find that I often compose in Danish then translate to English, sometimes going through Russian on the way so grammar, tense and even meaning may get a little mixed up.
Thank you for your comments.
2008-08-27 08:16:05 Model to slut in one easy lesson Commentor below, you criticize with guesses based on personal experience. The story is true, I know because I was there whereas you weren’t. I surmise from your stated youthful experience that you never met anyone who had been hurt and betrayed and was in that situation where everything gelled at that moment. I had sometimes dreamed of living my life as I now do but up until that time it was just a fantasy and I had not the opportunity to make it a reality. You are entitled to voice your cynicism but please don’t make me out to be a liar when all you know of my life is written above.
2008-12-16 08:42:13 Model to slut in one easy lesson I really love these people who ‘assume’ they know everything about everyone (sarcasm). I wrote this story from personal experience and in a language foreign to me. I may seem to be quite ‘illiterate’ in your language which it is my third following Danish and Russian and I have been speaking it less than four years but I at least know where commas and capital letters go and how to spell euphemisms. I can see that you can’t say similar which is why being able to speak more than three languages makes a person illiterate in your eyes.

Your closed mind seems unable to comprehend that there are people born and raised beyond your national borders, people who do not have the benefit of your world class education system (sarcasm again). You should not ‘assume’ that those poor and uneducated people you know so little about have the same expansive experience as yourself.

Kys mig i røven fisse
2009-02-20 08:20:24 Model to slut in one easy lesson Reader below – I’m sure I didn’t say blacks are bigger, I did say that these three guys were bigger than my (then) boyfriend (now husband) who was all I had to compare. So what you are saying that because I was not experienced then I am a liar - Knep dig selv, kaelling luder.

READER 2009-01-24 12:20:49. Sorry you didn’t like my double translation, from, as I heard, a very accented English to Danish then back to English, that’s how it sounded to me when I wrote it down.
2009-09-03 05:46:24 Model to slut in one easy lesson READER - 2009-08-27 01:45:09 -Thanks. Regarding my choice of words, I am unsure of the correct slang that is understood throughout the English speaking world where different countries use different terms that may not be understood elsewhere. I could have used ‘cunt’ but that is too general and describes that whole area. I have also heard ‘twat’, ‘box’, ‘honey pot’, ‘pussy’, ‘beaver’, ‘muff’ and more but I think that these are mostly colloquial words. It is a quandary so I used words that I use and know to be globally English.

P.S. Nas says that he can think of nothing sexier than my vagina.

READER - 2009-08-05 18:17:27 - Thanks, how did it go with the girl you work with?

ivo13 - Great club isn’t it? I’m not upset by the non-believers, I was there myself once but I leaned the truth. Thanks

annonymous - 2009-07-28 03:43:04 - Have you ever been pregnant? Are you even female? Obviously not, be sure of things before engaging potty mouth.