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2008-11-01 23:22:10 Cold Meat 2: Slippery When Wet Reading about Spencer and Idria doing it to a dead woman
would be great. I look forward to seeing it and reading all about
2013-04-07 02:32:49 Planet Earth Revisited, chapter 1 It is nice to finally see a story about the last woman on earth and maybe see how she survives.
2014-02-05 08:49:56 The Neighbor's Daughter I love reading your stories about the neighbors and hope there will be more stories about you popping virgin cherries since they are all fiction any ways. Losing a girls virginity to a man that loves her is the best kind of stories even if it is a brother, fathers, cousin or the man next door. Keep up the good work.
2014-02-13 09:01:27 How I became Captain of the Highschool Swim Team (Revised) Great lesbian story. I am looking forward to what happens next. Looks like we both know what part of a woman tastes best.... grin
2014-02-13 09:34:10 Dear Princess, Ch. 1 Time to begin training Princess.