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2009-01-02 19:45:35 My Addiction to Oral Sex I have a fuck buddy that I see a few times a month and he has a couple of girlfriends (more booty calls than girlfriends, really) that he keeps on the side and his wife does not know about. Sometimes when we get bored screwing each other we'll head off to one of the girlfriend's houses and tag team one of them. It is really a thrill to eat pussy and suck cock at the same time. Eating cum out of a freshly fucked cunt is even better.
2009-01-05 09:55:22 Why and How I Fuck Asian Girls I got to travel extensively in the Army. I set foot in 5 continents during my service. I never got to go to Australia or to Antarctica. Because of the work I have done since I got out of the Army, I have visited 60 more countries than the 20 I got to got to as a soldier. I have fucked prostitutes in all of them.

Dude, you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about with regards to Asian women. Asian women are tiny, except the Koreans, they are the tallest. Not much shorter than your typical American girl.

They are the most pleasing and respectful women you would ever want to meet. If you are ever with an Asian prostitute, you will be treated right. They aim to please you, but as a lover would please you, not a whore.
2009-02-22 10:25:55 Me and Jimmy, Jimmy and me This story was hot! My first sexual experiences were with boys starting when I was 11 with a cousin and his adult neighbor. Even though I am no gay, I enjoy the gay stories.