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2008-06-08 20:41:17 knobs Cathy, Why do the guys who write extremely negative comments all seem to be illiterate? Maybe they don't like the story because they can't read? Anyway, thanks for posting it for me. I should have written a thanks here sooner. love to you - Oliver Mellor
2008-06-11 20:46:31 Learning To Be A Slut Cathy - I loved this when you sent me the copy to proof, but you hadn't added that bit on the end about the real island rules. Boy would I love to have been part of one of the other couples! Next time invite me and Sarah. xxx ooo - Oliver Mellor
2008-06-11 22:39:32 Letter to readers: Ch 2 Cathy - I hadn't met you back when you wrote this. No body seems to read the older submissions, which is too bad. I really loved this. I guess the guy who wrote the previous friendly comment didn't realize you were in love with Keith, that Paul was the made up character. I've had fun doing e-mails with you but I think this Keith character got to pop your cyber-sex cherry. Lucky man. - love, Oliver Mellor