Comments from Vanessa Tillotson

Date Story title Comment
2009-07-10 01:39:27 A Mom's tale: Becoming a Slave Woweee! i am so wet and ready to be a good mommy pet-slave now. Very nicely done. vanessa
2011-06-20 02:18:37 Made me, uh,..yep,..I loved every word of it. Yummy! haow about stage 2? can you take it to the next level?
2011-09-18 18:45:39 Teaching Carol, Ch.5 I love all of these stories, so far! Nice.
2011-09-18 22:59:15 Teaching Carol, Ch.4 I'm so wet, from all of these Chapters. Yummm! Is right!
2011-09-20 01:02:09 Teaching Carol, Ch.1 I couldn't help but start to re-read the series. It brings back memories, LOL.