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2008-04-30 13:29:56 The Awakening of Katie What a great story - please hurry with part 2. I don't know if you realize it yet, but you have just joined the list of my favorite authors. Keep it up.
2008-04-30 18:14:00 Ben 10 and the New Alien Chapter 10 Great series. Very entertaining. I thoroughly enjoy all of your stories. Keep it cumming.
2008-05-01 13:33:48 The Awakening of Katie II Thanks for posting part II so soon. The entire story was really entertaining and worth the time to read. Keep writing.
2008-05-04 02:32:45 The Awakening of Katie II Even if some words were spelled incorrectly, the story was superb. Do not take George in Cincy's constructive criticism the wrong way. Keep writing. Proof reading will help a lot, but above all, keep writing.
2008-05-09 14:06:37 Father Terrence Very good story. Fully equal to your other stories. A sequel would be a very good thing.