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2011-12-01 21:23:22 Sister's Fate mmmm yumm wish this could happen to me lolz. my pussy too tight for a horse cock tho..
2011-12-05 01:01:32 Teaching her a Lesson i love this.. my names crystal n it makes me feel like im in the story :D my pantys are soo soaked!
2011-12-12 01:28:21 A Holiday at the Inn mmmm sexy cream pie hehe nasty ;)
2012-12-31 00:56:51 How to Care For a Golden Retriever I loved it!! It was perfect in everyway! I'm so wet lol you should wright more.
2012-12-31 02:14:36 My doggie bitch Lol I hate the fact that this is probably the only female dog sex story on xn but it's so poorly written and has a horrible story line.. I'm sorry but negative rating. It's bad. Good luck n try again!