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2008-09-04 16:42:22 Cumcaine Girl I tried to post a comment to this story a long time ago ... I just absolutely loved it! I wish more writers would push the buttons and hold the bar higher. Love your style Chagrin! ~BR
2008-09-15 14:19:11 Nightclub Sex with Drugged Wife Public and shared sex is so hot! However, I did get stuck in a couple of placed with the grammar but overall I think its good. Thank you for sharing this one.
2008-09-18 21:24:21 Jessica In Jail - Part One Looking forward to read part 2. This is really good!
2008-09-19 17:31:33 His Loss I love it! There is so much truth in this. So many men do not realize how they push us to women not realizing that we would most likely love women much more and for the same reasons that they love us.
2008-09-19 20:53:59 sorry thriller I had trouble reading it ... wasn't sure where the sonnets began or ended and it seemed to run together. Try again ... Read up on Andrew Dice Clay for Dirty Nursery Rymes, it will help with setting one of your own up.