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2008-07-20 03:25:12 Cold Meat sexy story. when i die,i hope my body is washed and prepped
and sexualy used and enjoyed in every possible way fom my head tomy u
2008-07-20 03:51:30 Don't Forget to tip the Waitress i would have toertagged her and licked and sucked her pretty little high arched,soft soled feet and delicate little toes.. Then then i eould have held her feet together and sandwiched f...ed between them til i came all over them.
2008-08-10 04:55:29 Cold Meat when a male corpse is autopsied, is it normal practce to slice his scrotum open and remove his testicals?
2009-09-24 01:36:14 Cold Meat 2: Slippery When Wet nice and quite sexy; I hopes someone will have kinysex with my corpse ehen i die.hey can inject my penis tio make it rigid