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Date Story title Comment
2011-12-17 00:16:53 Angel Eyes, my lady friend (my best friend, she is a lesbian as well), loves this story; for me two thumbs up.
2011-12-26 20:05:09 Excellent, very well done. hats off.
2012-01-01 16:37:10 Camping Luvie style If this is a first story then a good beginning; suggestion is to try and flush out more details. Overall though well done.
2012-01-01 16:39:53 Summer Suprise 2 Potential, it has potential in a third part. Work on flushing out more details and some parts of the spelling.
2012-01-01 16:42:52 Learning The Ropes I have not seen this video game others mention of so I will judge it as it stands; good work overall.