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2012-02-27 06:15:39 Incredible story Angel Eyes; another gem in your crown. Keep up the work...for everyone else; the sequel availible in the forum is VOLCANIC in excitement.
2012-03-01 13:04:23 My Best Studies Ever part 2 To anonymous: are any of these stories characters true? no, they are made up. At least for my own characters; if any are true then I will make specific mention of that fact.
2012-03-02 20:51:05 My Best Studies Ever part 2 Okay just so those longing for a part 3 will know, as of this post I have a rough draft alreay in the works. So it will be coming soon.
Glad you have all enjoyed it so much.
2012-03-04 19:13:15 Volcanic as ever Angel Eyes; volcanic as ever. Hats off to you.
2012-03-31 21:33:21 My Best Studies Ever Part 3 I am glad everyone is liking part 3 of the series; especially with the fate of the bike riders. There will be a part four, as of this post it is in the drafting stage. Please keep watch for when it shows.

Thanks to everyone for reading and enjoying Ben's misadventures.

Part four will have a happy, interesting twist to it if I can work it out just right.