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Date Story title Comment
2012-04-04 00:58:23 A Game of Inches - Part One. Excellent story, this is one of the better ones on the sight I have read so far. Keep up the good work and will be checking out part 2 soon.
2012-04-14 00:01:21 Virgin Farm part 1 Not bad for a beginning and a open tease for the future. Keep up the work. Suggestion - try to develop a bit more on the parts of the five senses, especially when he sees her topless for the first time. You have an excellent foundation that can be developed well.
2012-04-14 00:04:33 A BUSINESS PROPOSITION I have to say this story soars like few others I have read; my hats off to you in writing of it. Well done indeed!
2012-04-27 17:55:35 Wendigo Normally I do not care for horror genre much; yet this one is well crafted and done, excellent story in all. My hats off to you.
2012-06-17 19:52:52 The Party - Part 1 Not bad, it can use some refining though; I see potential within it.