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2012-02-22 00:14:59 Visit to Aunt April's House (ch.1-5) Fuck! What a hot story!! Get mom fucking the kid while Aunt plays with mom...have dad and/or uncle come in and join in the fun...hell, bring in the cute cuz with the small mouth...she needs to suck off his dad, too! Keep 'em cum'n!!
2014-02-14 01:28:54 I Like to Watch Boys Masturbate Nice story. Reminds me of my teen years, when my sister, 4 years younger than I, let me finger fuck and tongue fuck her pussy. while she jerked my cock. We started when I was 12, she made us stop when I was about 17. Good times!!
2014-04-10 05:43:38 Emily Helps Her Little Brother Chapter 3 Would love to see Aunt Ann teach him how to fuck, then have Emily join in for a threesome. Maybe even mom could get in on the act eventually! This set of stories has made me horny as hell...I've dripped a puddle of pre-cum on the floor under my chair!