Comments from Sahara907

Date Story title Comment
2009-03-12 12:41:42 Their Valentine Surprises mytbone, it's the last line in "Casablanca"
2009-04-15 12:18:52 Karen Lovely story, "Karen." Vastly under-rated by readers, thus far.
2009-04-21 09:48:14 This may be the best yet in wonderful and growing oeuvre of unique and different stories. The whole piece is quite terrific and totally believable--maybe even a bit familiar--but I especially enjoyed the Mil-Jen exchanges in the middle. Don't we all know that special friend who doesn't always "get" it.
2009-08-14 12:25:53 Truly beautifully-written, smcaaphd, and, once again, evidence of the wide range of your literary talent.
2010-05-14 09:45:36 Emily and The Newlywed’s Nice job of proving The Unripe Plum wrong [as usual]. It's not a "vagina fest" after all.