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2011-06-01 06:08:37 a familiar stranger The angle at which she was forced to penetrate me due shorts made her fingers slide along my inner walls and made me moan with each movement. My twat grinded against her hand as she fucked me hard. As I was near cumming she began to thrust fast and deep. My nails scratching her back I had to hold back a scream as I came, tightening around her fingers.
"Cum hard for me baby. I want to feel you dripping over my fingers" she whispered heavily into my ear. This caused another wave of orgasms to wash over me as her fingers hit my g spot. I couldbt hold loud moan any longer. Luckily the music served to cover it.
As her.movements slowed I slumped against her letting.her lips kiss everywhere they could reach. I hadn'd felt her touch in so long and I knew the night wasn't over. I wanted her badly and she was about to get her share.
2011-06-01 06:08:58 a familiar stranger Sorry it didn't post it all. The end is in the comment above