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2008-04-29 18:37:20 Her Why does a story have to be long? A short story like this one, written in this manner can almost qualify as a poem or lyric. I think this is a wonderful insight into the twisted mind of a sexual predator, showing us how he lures himself into believing that his actions are in the victims best interest. It is not the number of words that decide wether you have a story, but rather what you manage to say with the words you have laid down.
Keep it up.

J. Bailey
2008-05-08 03:15:30 The House - Part 3 You must not forget that this is the ending of this part. And as this part is actually a teaser I wrote as a Valentinesday story the ending is logical. I wrote it as an introduction and happy ending to the rather gruesome story of the events that happened in "The House" from the day it was built. And since this is the first story I have ever written, let alone in English, it is a test to see if anyone likes my writing and if anyone is interested in me writing more.

J. Baily
2008-05-08 03:18:15 The House - Part 3 This part alone is about 24 pages.

We have a part that tells us about the demise of the previous owner
We have a part that tells us why he became what he was
We have a part of things the house had to experience prior to that
We have the introduction that tells us why "The House" became what it was
And we have the option of a spin off that gives us more episodes from the life of Paul and Caz

If you still think the ending is odd let me know.

J. Bailey
2008-05-08 03:27:47 The House - Part 3 bajo155

How can you comment on a story you have not read?

J. Bailey
2008-05-23 12:17:59 The Barfly - ch. 2, rewrite The original intention with this story was to write for once about a nasty psionic but I fell for the girls bad experience and he fell completely for the girls. Suddenly all nastyness was gone and nothing but sweetness left. So I added a grain of nastiness with the ending since he was actually creating a new business on mind control and slavery.

Kind regards
J. Bailey