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2010-09-08 15:52:54 What is a psionic? I have given this some thought and would like to say the following:

I am not recreating the Camp environment. I freely admit that reading Camp gave me the idea that I wanted to read more about Psions, even if I had to write it myself. So I borrowed the ability/mutation from Camp, but everything else is and should be the sole property of it's original writer.

In my stories I simply use the Psion's ability to manipulate people and matter for a fluent and a bit different story line. Those of you that like my stories, please enjoy. Those that don't like them - well tough luck.

I am working on a bunch of new stories and rewrites and additions to older stories of mine. Unfortunately, due to the recession, I have had very little time for this but hopefully I will post one or two new stories in the next couple of weeks.

The larger stories have to wait somewhat longer. And for that I appologize.

Kind regards
J. Bailey