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2008-05-29 16:03:06 My little latina - ch1 Welcome to the club...

I suspect that most of us are quite happy in our "sadness".

J. B.
2008-05-29 18:26:08 Translation please...

2008-05-31 04:01:30 In the shower we washed off all the jizz before going to the bakery for fresh bread. We then had a nice breakfast.

Needless to say we went early to bed that evening.

2008-06-02 14:56:11 Thank you for your comment since it actually prooves a point.

I'm capable of writing evil and obnoxious stories that call forth the worst in people.


I think it would help if you actually read my stories before you comment on them. As I have stated in my comments this story is an experiment on whether I'm capable of writing an evil story of horror.

I have by now, rewritten the story to clarify a few things but the intention of this story is still to portrait the battle between good an evil and that doing evil things leads to evil consequences.

If anyone has further comments regarding this story please don't hesitate to post them before I publish the rewrite.

And yes this is pure fiction.
I'm no Stephen King but who can blame me for trying. :-)

Kind regar
2008-06-03 03:34:18 Oh, and about going to hell...
I'm not sure they would want me down there.

Have a nice day...

J. Bailey