Comments from Furred Goddess

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2010-11-20 13:33:29 This is the best of your stories.
2010-11-20 13:47:49 I feel this is your best story so far, thank you for pointing it in my direction.
2010-11-24 02:23:39 the strange craft from mars Very good, as I said before, the real issues I can see is a little bit of grammar and punctuation problems but everyone has those so don't sweat it. It gets a positive from me.

On a side note, the second part of the story is close to a fantasy I had and a story I am going to be writing but instead of being Halo, inspired, it's a little closer to Resident Evil... and maybe a few other things. Excellent writing.
2010-11-27 12:47:37 Not The Final Fantasy Sorry you found it lame, it was the first story I ever wrote way back in 2000. Instead of an empty flame, I wish you would have pointed out WHY it was lame and what I needed to fix for the next time I write.
2011-02-11 02:46:04 I am at a loss for words. This... was the most beautiful and touching story I ever wrote. It hit a nerve in me, not a bad one but a sad memory in me.