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2011-01-02 08:47:38 Awesome Mom She's a lying bitch... she was fucking somebody right next to him while he was growing up.
2011-01-06 03:55:55 I'm Not Alone Excellently done. Very realistic. I can relate to some of what they did but I'm signed in so I won't get specific. I'll just say that we lived in the country so we weren't peeping and we enjoyed it as much as they did. It eventually involved four sisters when one followed the other to see where she was sneaking out to and told the other two what she saw. I got into the best kind of trouble. lol
2011-01-10 22:29:35 I tried to send a PM to you, Emma, but I got a pop up saying that you don't accept or are not allowed to get private messages. Send a PM to me, if you can, and give me an alternate way to contact you.

Thanks for your comments. I"m glad you liked the story. (the fainting comes from personal experiences. lol I included it because it creates such a powerful bond)
2011-02-09 22:57:29 Now these dickheads are screening our language. It's time to pull my stories and get the hell off this site.
2011-02-09 23:07:57 Watch how many writers are about to leave XNXX. Several of us are actively looking for another site to move to. These high horse riding morons don't have a clue how to run a site. They must be Government employees with expertise at ruining everything they touch. Nobody tells me what I can write or what I can read. Anyone who sits back and allows them to get away with it is a fool. That's exactly why this Country is in the sorry condition it's in. Stand up for what's right. Stand up for YOUR RIGHT to read what YOU want to read and MY RIGHT to read what I want to read. They pulled this crap in a dark room and just sprung it on us. We don't have to swallow it. Find out WHO is behind it .... NAME THEM and EMBARRASS THE HELL out of them. SSB