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2008-07-24 19:19:50 hmmmmm never thought of the names being so close sounding. I'll keep it in mind, in the future. When I was writing it, I was mentally living in the story so the names were clear and individually separate to me.
2008-08-03 05:31:38 Temptations of a Young Teacher VERY well done. I enjoyed the hell out of it and gave it my + vote.
Sometimes starting at the end is a good way to begin. This was one of them.

I see that you have a strong touch of honor, too. Having and including it in your stories adds depth to the characters.
2008-08-25 09:57:46 ( To Reader 2008-08-07 17:14:31 )

I read and like both but this one is exactly the same as the one that you say was harder to read. So why did you like that one better? Your comment makes no sense.
2008-08-26 16:00:04 A lot of people didn't like that the parents died but that's just the way I wrote it because, sad as it is, things like that really happen. It also made the story more rememberable.

As for the adult kids, they weren't married, like in a Church. It was a spiritual marriage between two people, which is much stronger than a piece of paper.

I'm working on a much longer story, right now. I may have to post it in two segments. It'll be a while.....

I'm glad you enjoy my stories... wish everyone did.
2008-08-29 11:17:06 To (- Fuck Bro) lol

Yeah... I'm getting the idea of what I have to do to open things up to be more readable.

I was really tired, when I wrote my acetic reply comment. Sorry.