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2009-11-12 02:08:43 My moving in party The story line was excellent and nicely presented. Too bad the spelling and grammar were so atrocious. (fuck the dipshits who say that's alright because it's NOT) If you don't want to educate and better yourself by learning to spell, at least invest in a spell checker. I'd like to have seen them keep on fucking or see a sequel where they, though married to their spouses, decide they're going to periodically re-live their beautiful fuck session. I fucked my sister from when she was 11 until she was 14 and I went off to college. It's ten years later and though we've never gotten it on as regularly as we once did, we still do and, as long as we're careful about not being found out, probably always will. What's funny about reading this story, just now, is that we spent last night together. She called while I was reading this to tell me that her pussy is still twitching and she can't wait to do it again. I told her maybe this weekend. She said "No Maybe. You just be there."
2009-11-13 19:50:37 V.G., Saddle Bum. Where do you keep coming up with this stuff? Clever... the dogs and their size difference leading to daughter comparing daddy to her size and wanting to 'smile' like the dogs were. Well done. Another hot one.
2009-11-13 21:02:46 When I fucked YOUR mom, she said it was GOOD.
2009-11-14 08:29:49 A hot one. i'd sure like to have a few days with a sweet willing pussy like that. Write more and bring her girl friend in. She said she want's to know. show her. you could cherry and fuck a bunch of their friends too.
2010-03-24 02:57:03 Jessie's Rape I see that someone already made the suggestion of breaking it up a bit so I won't repeat it. Good story, though, and I liked the way you ended it.