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2008-04-29 11:06:35 terminator the sarah connor chronicles johns adventures this story suck's why did you stop it and not finish it moron it was to short and just not worth trying to read it just sucked
2008-05-11 11:49:52 Freaky Mother Daughter Fuck well this story truly sucked !!!!
2008-05-11 11:53:16 family love your story truly rates as a 1 if i could give a zero i would !!!!
2009-06-23 16:36:54 my first time ever heard of paragraghs geesh learn sentence structure
2010-11-06 22:56:38 You truly are a moron and rapeing a 3 yr old u need to be hung up by your privates and have gasoline poured on you and lit with a match and your burnt corpse left as an example to other sick pedophiles like yourself do us all some justice and get a gun and shoot yourself in the head so you can't write anymore sick garbage like this story !