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2014-06-18 02:22:18 13 - College Years 5 - Visiting Alexa @coltonkelly - I can't respond to your mail because you aren't a registered user. If you'd like to send me another message containing your e-mail, I will respond via that method if you would like.
2011-05-12 21:32:28 1 - My Gym Teacher I'm not sure why it put 21 as my age. I turned 24 in February and this story happened when I was 15 (would've been 16 in about 6 weeks). You can think whatever you want about me. As for you, I do think you could do with some growing up.
2011-05-13 17:22:00 2 - Bill's House Unfortunately, that story does not come for a while down the road. I'm not super busy for a while, so I will try to hammer some more out. I do want to keep these in the real order that they happened, though.
2013-06-08 23:37:10 5 - Senior Year - Part 2 Next part is taking a bit longer than I'd anticipated - haven't been home much. Hope to have it done by Monday or Tuesday.
2013-06-10 23:41:23 5 - Senior Year - Part 2 @ the guy who doesn't like 'ya'.

I'm sorry that you and the people you surround yourself with don't say the word 'ya' when you speak with each other. I grew up in the 90s, and the word 'ya' is just colloquially acceptable in place of 'yes' I don't really know many people (even my older parents) who say 'yes' every time they are responding in the affirmative.

If you don't like my writing style, I can accept that - don't read my stories from now on. I write the speech as though it were teenaged people talking, not sentences of perfect english.