Comments from daddy_bare

Date Story title Comment
2008-06-11 21:38:10 Siblings With Privileges (re written) Nicely done. A little subbing (No, no *that* kind of subbing, I mean sub-editing or proofreading) would have picked up the few minor spelling and punctuation errors.
2008-06-13 11:09:01 The Hot Tub with Friends I know this is not Eng-Lit 101, but any story that begins with the eye-rolling cliché of using cum to mean come ... that's as far as I get.
2009-03-12 19:59:17 Our New Neighbors - Ch04: Maxine's Liberation You are a writer who knows what your readers want -- and gives it to them in spades!
This is becoming a classic of the genre. I am one of the thousands who are eagerly waiting on every new chapter.
2009-03-25 00:33:01 Family encounters of the sexual kind: the story of an anonymous girl More ... you have to continue the story.
2009-06-29 20:54:11 To bring all the threads together Jessica will eventually have to become involved and then the son. One happy, milky family!