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2010-08-11 02:28:18 First time hubby let his friends use me Great story and after looking at your pics, I bet all five guys had a great time.
2010-08-14 00:25:49 Neighborhood dogs If you don't like it anonymous reader= chickenshit asshole, go read Woman's Day
2010-10-02 04:29:57 Black men fuck real little White boys Blaw, Blaw, Blaw, what a crock of crap. You might want to look at some real numbers and facts about the "Superior Black Male". As of the last census, more black woman work than black males, not so with non-black of any race.
More and more black woman are marring white men, because the average black male does not measure up, in earning capacity, maturity or the ability to stay out of jail.
Contrary to your claims and what is seen in video, where the white woman is payed to fuck blacks, the majority of non-black women do not crave black cock. Of the minority that do, you are more than welcome to them, that is their choice and everyone should be free to fuck who they want.
From personal observation, after years of sports and the military where privacy is hard to come by, black cock is no bigger than non-black cock on the average.
Fantacy is one thing, but not treating people of any race or gender with respect in real life is contemptable at best.
2012-07-13 01:56:29 Teenage Tokyo Street Fighters & Fuckers: Part 3 Great story, as a lover of henti and manga I have no problem following it Keep it going!