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2009-08-02 23:59:50 diary entry I liked reading your diary...can't believe nobody else has commented. By all means...continue posting diary entries!!! It's interesting to see how men think. Also, just read your "friendly skies" story...very hot.
2010-08-30 14:13:23 Sharing My Room With Sis 8: A Fake Date and A Real Show NOOOOOO. Don't rush to anything! I LOVE the way you are drawing this out...teasing us so unmercifully. I cum so hard, reading your stories, and except for the first couple, this may be my favorite one yet. You are so fucking talented. And it's not just that they're sexy. There's real story here. I want to know more about the characters...I'm emotionally invested. I hope you continue to post here. I was on the verge of depression when you went away for almost a whole month.
2010-08-30 14:55:12 Sharing My Room With SIs 9: Taking Suggestions So, soooo good! My panties are just SOAKED ! ;-)
2010-08-30 14:56:49 Sharing My Room With SIs 9: Taking Suggestions I loved the "taking directions" part. Super hot. This may be my favorite, so far, too.
2010-08-30 20:24:39 Sharing My Room With Sis 10: Abby's Fear Wow. I actually had a few tears running down my face on this one! I can definitely say that's a first for me on this website. LOL. So amazing. I can't even imagine how you're going to follow this, but I sincerely hope you do. I'm just the tiniest bit addicted now....