Comments from Mike Ringer

Date Story title Comment
2008-06-09 15:14:32 My Cousin Susie Many thanks for all the comments - Part 2 is on the way, but is being rewritten to replace the POV with dialogue. I hope this achieves the same effect but is less jarring to read.
2008-06-28 03:34:57 My Cousin Susie Chapter 2 There will be a Chapter 3 but real life is interfering with my free time at the moment so it may be a little while.
2009-08-11 05:41:38 Timestop - Days 1 and 2 Absolutely tremendous - you have obviously put a great deal of thought into the progression of the story and the mechanics of how this timestop mechanism works. I loved how you have not gone down the obvious road of Warren fucking everyone in sight and the part where he draws the smiley in cum on his siter's face had me laughing out loud. I look forward to more.
2010-05-16 07:16:28 Excellent story with intense, well written sex scenes and some good suspense. If I have a minor criticism, it is just that the constant changes of mood, particularly Ellen, were too abrupt. Overall though a big thumbs up.
2010-07-03 04:16:23 The Cheerleader Blues Great story and well told