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2008-05-09 17:31:02 First Time with Carter 2 To the smartass who asked if I heard of paragraphs, the story was submitted with paragraphs, but I can't control what happens after it goes through editing.
2009-06-09 02:44:54 Apocolypse chapter 13 + 14 fuck yeah keep writing! It's just getting good!
2009-06-19 00:34:37 Summer Camp Part 2 Thanks for the positive comments. I wasn't sure, because I didn't like the first installment of the story, but I think I may keep going. For the reader who wants to be in a story, send me a PM and I will see what I can do for you!
2009-06-21 01:48:50 Apocolypse chapter 17+18 Still love the series. Awesome!