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2008-05-08 03:01:00 My summer Boss 6 Hey man Im a big fan of your stories great pieces. so i was wondering if you wouldnt mind takin some time to look at my stories i have one up, and im workin on another one as we speak. i know your bsy with school and shit, so am i but i was just hopin you would. thanks man. later
2008-05-08 22:15:24 My summer Boss 6 Okay I got you, with the dialoge seperation, that didnt even occur to me, and yeah i didnt have word at the time so I was using notepad :x and as for the assualt rifle i bought it at a gun shop, but hey thanks for the advice. ill be putting out a new one soon. hey on a side note, any word on msb 7?
2008-05-12 02:48:38 My Summber Boss 7 hey man great story as always. always keeping us on edge lol, take your time on 8 no need to rush. especially since my second story is comin out soon :)
2008-06-10 01:09:38 My summer Boss 8 Wow man I have nothin to say besides that this story is pure greatness. absolutely perfect. slowly adding in another woman having him fight this man. the tension between the two women for his attention. sheer brilliance.10000/10000