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2009-07-30 09:38:44 A Neighbor's Dream the overall story was not bad, however the scenario is quite predictable a chance encounter rather than the old worn-out work seen IEI'll work over there that you want to screw me type scenario.
I do not mean this is harsh criticism is constructive suggestions
2009-07-30 10:32:49 Nora having been in the corporate world somehow this scenario could be any more true with the exception of sex in the office however we all must take risks finding a loyal secretary like that is an impossible dream come true well done
2009-11-24 15:42:32 My mother is the entertainment for my 18th birthday no human being could treat his mother in any way like that, it's absolutely demeaning and cruel not to mention perverted and selfish
2009-12-05 07:44:30 sister n law fuck very poorly written, stories given from the perspective of the perpetrator with very little reference to the feelings of the victims age of the youngster is questionable very little thought appears to be given to the format of the story. skipper
2009-12-05 08:38:47 Visiting Day With My Aunt...Glad She Decided to cum! making the aunt less aggressive and more a seductress and the nephews more the aggressor this puts it in a better age contacts