Comments from Magpie Amy

Date Story title Comment
2009-06-25 06:33:37 Julie the Schooly and the Emo Kids What if 'Sash' was really called Liam? Then it wouldn't be a mistake - HAH! Thanks for the kind words I'm glad someone appreciates my writing. Amy x
2009-07-20 06:31:43 Mrs Goodytwoshoes thanks for the high mark and the generally positive feedback.
The 'ass to mouth' bit which has upset people was specifically added for a regular reader.
2009-07-20 06:35:05 Taxi Driver hi and thanks for the positive feedback. I can guarantee that I do proofread all of my stories before publishing - and get 2 online friends to do the same for me.
Sadly, in my haste to bring pleasure to people sometimes things slip through the net. I can only apologise if these mistakes and the vehicle faux pas spoilt your masturbatory fun.
Amy x
2009-09-17 10:40:09 Older Sister Is A Tease a very 'well written' story but it got silly in the second half....look forward to reading more from this writer.
2010-06-23 08:01:53 My 'Peeping' Brother in Law I must remind people that the story was based 5 years previously - which is why the brother in law is 15; but 20 at the very beginning. If you MUST complain about these things at least read it first! Happy wanking to everyone else.