Comments from Magpie Amy

Date Story title Comment
2010-09-21 07:04:30 School gloryhole very very well written - loved it.
2011-01-06 06:21:17 Amish Girl: Raped By A Goat Very sexy story - different certainly. I'm not sure about the Amish connection though - do Amish girls have pre-marital sex?
Without that bit I loved the story.
2011-01-06 06:23:34 Amish Girl: Raped By A Goat very sexy story - loved the fact that it was a goat and not a dog as usual. My only gripe - do Amish girls have pre-marital sex? I doubt that bit sorry
2011-01-18 07:12:59 My Neighbour wore nylons The story was told to me in all confidence and I believed it - why not? Are you jealous because you still haven't lost your virginity?
Yet again the biggest critics ALWAYS hide behind anonimity.
2011-07-04 12:00:37 wifes friend I find with stories like this I need to review/edit them 24hrs later.... but I have been writing for 10 years!
Excellent first effort though..