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2009-04-19 02:43:38 Being... More than Friends I just might... I didn't know anyone read this. Not that you guys would read another, but it's nice to know you read them once.

My God, this was written almost a year ago, wasn't it?
2009-05-09 20:49:40 I didn't notice any typos. It seems really weird to me, when someone is wanking it to all the sudden stop and say "He spelled that wrong."

So long as I can actually read it, I like it.
2009-05-10 14:03:10 Apocolypse chapther 1-2 About the most creative thing I've seen on here.

Why not end the series of stories with a happy ending? Maybe China saves the day? US military fought the aliens?

2009-05-10 14:23:32 Boys That Fuck - Part II I liked the younger kids, it made it interesting. When I saw Part 2, I was honeslty baffled on how you could build on your first, but you actually did it and made it great.

Great story, and not everyone can do... not everyone can take a true story and make some amazing fiction from it.
2009-05-10 22:33:11 Joshua, The Squire Don't listen to the "besides the gay thing"

Expand on that. This could be one of the best stories I've seen in awhile.