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2008-11-07 04:50:49 Paybacks are hell "Mr. Big T;
I liked it, but I think if Mary would have been a man it would be better. "

That would have ruined huge portion of the storyline though not to mention it wouldn't have really fit as well.....

"that coercion and non consensual not rape"

That's not what the judge said to me!!! :(
2010-05-06 04:44:41 Hangover Crap Dear reader; why do you read a story in scatology section if you do not like such activities? Are you moron?

2010-05-06 04:46:13 Kari's first tender time Introduction: Don't read the epilogue unless you have strong stomach, it's fucked up.

Don't blame me if you did not believe me.
2010-05-06 04:49:37 Hell on Earth Big Willy, those things could not have worked albeit there was that eye trauma you were asking for in the form of tear duct rupturing, something I don't think is very common but is quite messy.
2010-05-06 04:50:26 Man with bright green umbrella "i don't know what its doing on this site"

Nothing, it can't think. *comedic drum*