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2008-11-07 04:37:53 Hell on Earth "i'm not sure what to say..... this has got to be one of the most stupid stories i have ever read....its completely idiotic and i feel you should be the head "

If stupidity should be enough for death penalty, this post would earn you "the chair" many times.

"I think are a deeply disturbing person. Seek help. Or just die. That works also probably better."

Or just die, haha. Thanks from that.

I read only the last 20 or so lines...but please....this is probably the worst thing ever produced by a human(?) mind.
I just want to make clear that stuff like that is NOT acceptable...every story were u cant decide what was worst (when the choice is betwen pedophilia, necrophilia, snuff....) should be banned!!!"

Oh yes, let's ban ALL the things someone doesn't like.I don't like lesbian porn, so let's ban it!! Different strokes for different people, as I always say and this is meant to be extreme. Of course said concept is probably too much to wrap around your brain.
2008-11-07 04:39:20 Hangover Crap The sequel is called "Everyone loves Enemas." It's been up for some time and involves enemas as the name suggests and filling up a kiddie pool with ass products.

I'm working on sequel for that.
2008-11-07 04:43:14 I shall fuck your corpse tonight! "Ok, i think this is truely sick, but please dont judge me on that, i want someone to explain what is nice in anyway about this . . . is this supposed to be sexy? are you supposed to wank over this? Because if you do, this is not me trying to take the piss out of you but get sexual help. People who get pleasure from this must be the sick people who rape little children. my aunt is one of the leading dutch sexual helpers and even she doesnt understand this kind of sick stuff, no one normal could understand how anyone gets pleasure from this . . at all. Its vile, people who like this should literally be killed in my opinion becuase you have a fucked up head and cant be cured. Its just plain sicko freak shit. Dont get pleasure from normal sex? So lets cut up girls and fuck their insides . . .


You say people who think of killing other people are sick. Yet, you say people who think so should die. I guess that makes you not only sick as you said, but also a hypocrite
2008-11-07 04:44:41 I shall fuck your corpse tonight! "fucked up people who write this deserve to die
how is that even slightly sexually arousing you sick fucks"

I wasn't sexually aroused by this, writing this story gave me nightmares!! I'm not sick for writing things like this, you are if you read them and want someone to die based on a text you read, despite not knowing anything about the said person.
2008-11-07 04:45:59 Clown! "rape sucks bad story tacky"

Yup, it's one of my worst, if not the worst.