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2009-01-11 13:09:07 My Friend Ed OK people, the author here. My second story is up now, or whenever it gets "validated", and it's called "My friend Izzy". Days of work, that one, it's long! Enjoy! Please leave any pointers you can think of and I will consider them for future works.
2009-01-11 13:10:38 My Friend Ed OK people, my next story is up in a few days called "My Friend Izzy". It's long, a lot of work, but it should be good. Enjoy! Any pointers at all, please let me know so that I can improve in the future. Thanks! xx
2009-01-20 18:42:12 My Friend Izzy Oh my god, my brother has noticed my story...I'm fine, it was good to have you visit last weekend.

Those who aren't too keen on the story, I would love it if you left some feedback.