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2008-06-18 00:31:32 Loving Carol, part I: the beginning My sincere thanks for all the kind words.

Part III, and last, has been submitted and should be up in a couple of days.
2008-06-19 14:31:42 Loving Carol, Part II, contd. Sure.

The names of the two principals are accurate; others have been changed. There has been some time compression in this section, i.e., events of that first weekend actually took place over several months. Some conversations are composites of several. All of these changes, and a few others, are in the interest of making the story easier to follow.

Nothing is "made up." the sex, the emotions, and the sequence of events were as they are presented here.
2008-06-21 17:38:21 Loving Carol, Part III: peace Thanks, once again, for all the kind words.

I appreciate your comments more than you know, and I wish there were more; remember, I have shared this story with no one till I shared it here. This is the only response I will ever get from anyone, so thank you, again.

For the last commenter; your writing skills are fine. Just tell your story as honestly and accurately as you can, and let the rest take care of itself. The very search for ways to express what you feel will help to heal your hurt.

Writing it down helps. I know. There are insights and perspectives that I did not have before I wrote this.

Just do it, and if you choose to post it here, PM me.

Be well. You will survive, and maybe even love again. I won't, but that's my choice as much as my fate. You need not choose that way.

Thanks again.
2009-07-15 21:53:34 Jane I was a middle-school math teacher for almost 30 years, and in that time I noticed a pattern among my unsuccessful students. They really believed that kids who did well in math weren't any smarter, didn't work any harder, and didn't understand math any better than they did; they were just *better guessers.* They weren't successful because they didn't know how to guess as well. Had nothing to do with the fact that they never bothered to try to learn anything.

There's a clown below who has the same theory about writing. People who get good comments must do it by cheating, by stacking the comments with their friends. He doesn't get good comments because he doesn't cheat.

Bullshit in both cases, of course. All you have to do is look at the calculations - or read the stories.

If he had the balls, he'd post his comments with his name and let us see what he writes that's so much better and has been so unfairly panned.

Fat, er, "plump" chance....
2009-08-03 20:16:29 Loving Carol, Part III: peace Thanks for your comments, Don. Don't worry about my doing this to you again. I prefer happy endings and love fulfilled.

I'm not responsible for the plot of this story; that is, I didn't compose it. I wrote it as it happened.

It could have been worse. I was there.