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Date Story title Comment
2008-07-21 17:01:48 ASHLEE'S YOUNG LIFE 3 I belive that the second one was written better but hey this one was still good maybe in the next one the dad will fuck her or her mom in the ass/pussy while the dog fucks them in the ass/pussy a sandwich lol.
2009-08-03 00:23:04 Fucking Mia Matsumiya Hmm...Not bad, not bad at all.
2010-07-23 22:25:11 I'm hot for my older sister Nicely done, dialogue was a bit fake but description made up for it. A few grammatical errors but nothing all that noticeable.
2010-07-24 00:41:35 A Harry Potter story Chapter I Not bad, pretty entertaining actually.
2010-07-24 01:13:05 Lucky Josh Well done! Could've been a little more descriptive, but other than that it was pretty good.