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2011-05-19 01:51:40 Brandon's Secret Lover Such a clever premise!

I wish some of the men would add their thoughts on how you captured the teenage male POV. Though I don't have the first-hand knowledge there, I found this very realistic.

I also appreciate how you worked in some of the lyrics, rather than simply reference the song by title.

I like your style of writing very much. It's just the right mixture of clarity and descriptiveness. The words aren't "fussy", but they're smart and well-chosen.

My only disappointment came from the fact that your ending did not include a dog-riding, pro-bowler dwarf with a box of wine! : )

GREAT job, Jayney!
2011-05-19 05:02:38 You have a nice writing style.
It took me a few minutes to realize that you were writing about a lesbian couple. When I re-read it, I suppose that's the "perverted lifestyle" referred to early on, but I didn't infer that meaning initially.
I look forward to finding and reading more of your work!
2011-05-24 03:48:53 Still Life. I have to be honest... when I saw "monster" among the tags, I thought "Oh, no... not my cup of tea". But, boy, was I surprised! It's a real credit to your talent that I not only made it through the story, but was truly caught up in it and returned to read it a second time. Well done!
2011-07-14 17:13:47 Four Poster Bed This "writer" stole this story from another site and simply copied it here. That is true for other stories she posted here as well. This particular story was originally entitled "Your Word Is My Bond" on another site by its real author, Shambles.
You may wish to consider this before adding compliments or positive votes here.
2011-07-14 17:39:33 Lessons This story, like MANY others from this "writer" have been stolen from other sites, so please keep that in mind before posting a compliment or casting a positive vote. This was originally posted elsewhere as "Second Lesson" by 69chuck4both.