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2008-06-21 20:46:31 Softball Girls Part 4 Awesome, it was hot as hell, I loved that he eventually fucked and came in his own sister, but you have to work on your English a little. You definately made the story hot though.
2008-11-01 17:18:39 My First Time Im a guy, that sucked to read, it hurt my eyes... but you were honest and the fact that he used you is completely unforgivable
2009-03-20 00:16:09 5 Pages of incest Dude, good try... the heat is there, as is the creativity. Don't worry about what some of these jerks say, I guarentee they only speak one language (this is assuming that English isn't your first lang.) As someone else said though, your grammar and spelling is a little weak and it does detract from the story but you can work on that.
Don't let anyone discourage you, most of us like writing as much as reading!
2009-03-24 14:09:37 But "Fancy" Was My Name Wow, an excellent rendition of the song... despite people's need to have a perfect ending, you kept true to the story. You must have had to do some research before writing the story. I agree with Iam"wowed", you should consider writing professionally!
Now, all that aside it was definitely erotic!! It, as do your other stories, made me hot... I especially like the touch of incest.
Thanks and please keep writing on here whatever you do!!!!
2009-03-28 15:46:35 No, my name isn't Sam and the names are changed in the story. Thanks to everyone for your feedback, I do appreciate constructive criticism so that I can write better stories in the future, I'll add more to this story soon.