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2008-07-08 23:50:20 Rockmount Brat Camp hey thanx for the positive feedback does anyone have any scenarios in mind they would like to see in the next part? I've already got it planned out but am happy to make any changes if you guys want something particular
k peace
2008-09-06 16:51:21 Rockmount Brat Camp sorry people just got back from a very long holiday but rest assured part 2 is coming longer and better than before and some important questions will get answered:
Is Ty going to get caught?
What other nasty secrets does Rockmount have in store?
Will i ever finish part 2? No body knows for sure
2008-10-02 20:53:52 Rockmount Brat Camp Ladies and Gentlemen the long awaited (yeah right) sequel to Rockmount Brat Camp, ingeniously named Rockmount Brat Camp Part 2, is now up!!
Enjoy and sorry it took so long! But I'll think you'll appreciate the effort put in to it
thank you
2008-10-03 12:16:16 Rockmount Brat Camp Part 2 lol thanks for the comment and no I'm not a seasoned author in fact this and Rockmount Part 1 are my first stories I've ever written - and any tips on how to improve my sex scenes would be greatly appreciated - oh and I thought there was not enough sex in the story something which will be rectified in the next part.
2008-10-04 04:36:01 Rockmount Brat Camp Part 2 ummm ok i was should know since i was the one who had to slog through 2 months of trying to get the story done with so much else happening throughout my life
but appreciate the spaces comment i thought that when it got uploaded, it actually looks far more spaced out on my comp but hey you live and learn