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2008-07-11 15:53:05 Ashley's Needs 10 and a half inches?? well, I don't exactly sitaround with a measuring tape dayly, you understand, but sure. . .otherwise, sentence structure and grammar were decent, character development could have been better, I thought it was a nice tough that Ashley stayed with Zach with no more cheating, not as predictable as the norm, don't see a need for a sequel but hey there are always more story ideas
2008-07-11 16:11:39 Vampire Seduction 1 sprained tongue? I'd hate to have to go to the doctor and explain that one! and ass juice, I hate to tell ya, I only know one kind of ass juice and it's the kind nobody likes, nonetheless, like the story, grabbed all three parts and read it together, hope there will be a part 4, dream/reality series here during part 1 slightly confusing, but maybe it was meant to be
2008-07-13 13:57:37 Paying daddy's Debts Realistic I suppose to an extent, and I suppose possible she'd like it, but the anal by someone that large for the first time, ask a lady, bud, not freakin' likely, oh well, nice story, the dialogue is hilarious, I love all the different names Leroy comes up with for her dad
2009-04-11 19:11:26 A Night to Remember you need paragraphs!!! reading so much bunched together with such wordy and yet indescriptive content is ludicrously tedious, I found myself skipping to the end, looking for something a little better, fantasies are great but this sounds more like a dream you didn't remember that well
2009-04-11 19:15:41 Hot Pleasure Geez, what have we got here? A couple hundred words maybe? Get real, give us a story, the writing's not so intensely good that I'm dieing to see pt 2