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2008-08-14 22:40:06 The Beach House For those who are reading this story, i should say that the editting-stuff like spaces and stuff like that-were fucked up by the way the site works out. I'm not making excuses but, i have a better system for writing and choose to use the one which i bought since it works more so to my liking. There are no margins on this site so indenting is impossible, which is why so many others just use a space for each paragraph.

I figured the site was more flexible than it was so instead of spaces, i just spaced inward about for spaces at the start of each paragraph. once i copied it to the page, it looked like it would work but it obviously didn't. Any way, this isn't my usual style of writing-i write dark fantasy more often though not the kind which is offered on this site.

sorry for the sloppiness but i thought you should know before you comment. sorry 'bout that.