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2010-04-04 22:04:56 Bar Snack I made a mess! :)
2010-04-09 19:06:52 Bar Snack I meant to vote positive on this story. If a moderator could correct that for me, I would appreciate it. Sorry for the misclick Sahara. This was hella hot.
2010-04-09 19:44:42 Passion Thanks Hottie Five-Oh!!! Ewer my muse! =D
2010-04-10 00:26:46 Passion You don't like my story, fine. Argue about the history - you're wrong.

If you'd read past the first paragraph, you would have seen that I interchanged bar and tavern; pity American English for vagaries. Rome invented the concept of the enoteca (wine bar). Vast swatches of the Roman populace were homeless or lived in multi-story insulae and lacked proper food storage facilities. To assert that no one thought of bilking the poor by charging extra for single-serving meals/drink is laughable. Romans paid for water by the bucket out of the aqueduct - paying less the farther down the hill they were.

All ancient armies wintered - that's why the word "march" comes from the month. If Ike figured out that his boys performed better after a couple days in Paris, then Caesar figured it out, too. Why lock 'em in a barracks? Republican Roman armies were made of citizen soldiers - armies dissolved in winter. No reason to lose this at least a piece of this ethic after they professionaliz
2010-04-13 23:06:38 Transcendent It's a fucking snuff story, people. And it's a well-written snuff story.

Good lord...